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Did you know, laser hair removal can help with ingrown hairs?

First lets talk about laser hair removal and how it works. A laser (Light Amplification by a Stimulated Emission of Radiation) uses heat and energy to absorb into your hair all the way down to your follicle causing a controlled injury which then weakens the follicle. Over time these follicles will stop growing hair. 

So how does this help with your ingrown hairs? Since your follicles are no longer capable of growing hair this will reduce the inflammation and bacteria from growing which creates the ingrown hair.

How many treatments does it take to start seeing results? At D'Allure Medspa we use The Synchro REPLAY by DEKA, our clients notice a difference with the very first treatment, however we do reccomend a minimum of  six treatments for the best results.

Is laser hair removal safe for my skin type? Yes.  The Synchro REPLAY works safely and effectively on all skin types.

So you can not only say goodbye to hair but also to those unsightly razor bumps and ugly, not to mention painful ingrown hairs.  

It's time for smooth, gorgeous skin.  

Call our office at 214-442-0011 to set up a consulation and see if this might be a good option for you!


Ashlee Dobbs, LE Medical Aesthetician

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