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ICON Laser Specialist

D'Allure Medspa

Medical Spa located in Dallas, TX

Attaining beautiful, clear skin doesn’t have to be complicated or invasive. The team at D’Allure Medspa in Dallas are laser specialists and use the Icon™ aesthetic system to boost the look and health of your skin. This advanced cosmetic tool combines intense-pulsed light (IPL) with fractional 1540 nonablative laser treatment, which makes it a versatile tool for fixing many of your skin concerns, from scars to wrinkles to stretch marks. Schedule an appointment online or by phone to see what the Icon laser can do for you.

ICON Laser Q & A

What is the Icon laser?

The Icon laser is an industry-leading aesthetic tool that uses two different technologies to improve a wide range of skin concerns, including sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines, scars, and facial veins. The advanced laser also allows the team to adjust settings to not only meet your aesthetic goals, but also your comfort level.

The Icon laser is equipped with:


IPL is a type of laser treatment that has the ability to generate multiple wavelengths of light, like a photo flash, and can penetrate the deeper layers of your skin without affecting the top layer.

Fractional 1540

Traditional ablative lasers vaporize the top layer of your skin, which often requires a lengthy healing process. Fractional 1540 is a nonablative laser, which means it treats your skin without causing damage, so no prolonged healing time is required.

The Icon laser is also equipped with SkinTel™ technology, which measures the melanin in your skin. This way, your specialist can adjust the laser settings so you get the best possible treatment for your skin tone with minimal discomfort.  

What can the Icon laser treat?

The aesthetic team at D’Allure Medspa uses the Icon laser to treat a number of cosmetic concerns. Common treatments include:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Stretch marks and acne scars
  • Visible leg veins
  • Skin resurfacing to enhance tone and texture
  • Pigment reduction

What can I expect during Icon laser treatment?

Your treatment with the Icon laser depends on your needs and aesthetic goals. The team at D’Allure Medspa creates customized treatment plans so you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare. Depending on your aesthetic goals, you may need more than one treatment with the Icon laser.

If you have concerns about anxiety or pain during your Icon laser treatment, the team at D’Allure Medspa offer Nitronox™, a nitrous oxide gas that you inhale, offering instant pain relief. 

To learn more about the Icon laser and how it can improve your appearance, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.