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D'Allure Medspa

Medical Spa located in Dallas, TX

D’Allure Medspa

D’Allure Signature Membership

  • Monthly facial
  • 20% off all products
  • 20% off all treatments we offer including injectables

$125 a month or pay full year up front for $1200 (save $300)

Cosmetic Injections and Dermal Fillers


Bunny Lines and Brow Lift

$390 and up

Elevens and Laugh Lines

$494 and Up

Full Correction

$750 and up

Jawline Slimming/TMJ

$650 and up


$1250 and up


Just a Flip

$100 and up

Soften your Kisser (turn up the corners of your mouth, relax your chin, and flip your lip)

$250 and up

Starter Lip

$350 and up

Defined Lip

$599 and up

Defined Lip with a flip

$649 and up

Full Lip

$699 and up

Full lip with a Flip

$749 and up

Plump and Juicy Lip

$950 and up


$1350 and up


Baby Cheek Pop

$849 and up

Supermodel Cheek Pop

$1600 and up

Face and Jawline

Temple Correction

$850 and up

Undereye Circles/Tear Troughs

$750 and up

Nasolabial folds/Lip Lines

$750 and up

Full Chin Augmentation

$850 and up

Jawline Contour

$3150 and up

Liquid Facelift

$3405 and up


Kybella Jawline:  Initial Treatment

$1300 and up

Kybella Jawline: 4 wk follow up

$1300 and up

Bra-Bella:  Kybella for bra-line

$1200 and up

Hair Restoration with PRP Package

$4500 – 4 treatments and 3 mo supply: Serum, Shampoo, Vitamins

$1125 – Single Treatment

Laser Hair Removal

We do everything that grows hair

$85 and up


$165 and up

Laser Resurfacing


$220 and up

Acne Scars

$275 and up

Surgical Scars

$330 and up

Stretch Marks

$330 and up

Three For Me

Laser treatment targeting redness, brown spots, uneven texture, lines and wrinkles

$900 and up


$150 and up



Facials and Peels

D’Allure Custom Facial


Pigment Balancing Peel


Advanced Corrective Peel


Nitronox (Laughing Gas)